At CrossLife, we want to restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the local church. What this means is that sinners and sufferers don't need a program, we need a Person -- Jesus Christ. And Jesus intends to use His bride, the body of Christ, to build one another up in love and godliness.

So from a high view of Scripture, and confidence in the power of the cross, and a focus on the local church, we aim to counsel one another biblically. There is great help and hope when we turn to God and His Word.

Tim Keller is right when he says, "All change comes from deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out of the changes that understanding creates in your heart. Faith in the gospel restructures our motivations, our self understanding, our identity, our view of the world." Our great hope, no matter what problems we are struggling with, is the gospel.

"All change" comes as we go deeper into the gospel, find our identity in Christ, and live out the fruit that only the Holy Spirit can give. But this is a marathon, not a sprint, and CrossLife wants to come alongside you and walk with you toward the light and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to begin a journey of healing, help, and hope, please reach out to your LIFE Group leader, or directly contact Pastor Jojo at

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