There's nothing we recommend more than reading your Bible everyday.  So let's get first things first!  But God has also gifted the church with non-inspired (but very inspiring) authors and bloggers.  Below you'll find links to some of the best websites and online resources we believe will help you "think Christianly" and grow spiritually.  Take up and read!

Also be sure to stop by our Resource Ministry at our Sunday worship services where you can peruse and purchase CrossLife recommended books and music.  We want to put the very best resources into your hands (and into your heart) because we want to see every Christian grow in a cross-centered, gospel-saturated way.

  • At CrossLife we love the gospel.  We love its Christ, we love its King, we love its cross.  It's everything to us, and it's the basis for all that we do.  

  • CrossLife recommended ministries and blogs

  • Additional online resources to help you grow spiritually.

  • At CrossLife, we want to restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the local church

  • Resources for staff and volunteers.